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Biography of Jose Prudencio
Jose Prudencio created the concept of Philosophical Astrology in the book Astrology & Philosophy (2008) Esfera do Caos Publishers.

Jose Prudencio has been a teacher of Philosophy since 1987 and a consultant on Philosophical Astrology since 1990. He wrote two books of Philosophical Astrology, writes for newspapers and magazines, participates in radio and TV programs, has given many lectures and courses.

Jose Prudencio holds a degree in Philosophy from the Faculty of Philosophy of Braga at UCP. He has a Masters degree in Cultural Studies in Bath, England. The MA in Cultural Studies, Bath Spa University, was in "Cultural Astronomy and Astrology". This MA marked the re-entry of Astrology at the university internationally.

He consulted in Belgium and England. It gives consultations throughout the country and to European countries and outside Europe through the Internet.

He has lectured at universities and international congresses, for example at the Department of Religious Studies of Bristol University and at the Sophia Center Postgraduate Research Conference of Bath Spa University.

Collaborates with Psychologists and Psychiatrists in a comprehensive health approach. He gave lectures and courses at the Alubrat-Luso-Brazilian Association of Transpersonal Psychology.

In 2008 he published the book Astrology & Philosophy, a discourse on time and instinct, Sphere of Chaos Publishers, where he makes an innovative reflection on the relationship between astrology and science, Christianity and psychoanalysis. In this work he created the concept of AstroFilosophy.

In 2009 he publishes the work Um Céu e Dois Caminhos - José Saramago and José-Augusto França, Sphere of Chaos Publishers, where he analyzes the events of the life of these two writers, Astrais, since they were born exactly on the same date and at the same time.

He is currently working on a Philosophical Tetralogy.

Astrology Chart of Jose Prudencio
MA in "Cultural Astronomy and Astrology", Bath Spa University, England
Degree in Philosophy from the Portuguese Catholic University
Thesis | (2005) Objections to Astrology - what are the underlying assumptions? Bath
Book | (2008) Astrology & Philosophy - a discourse on time and instincts. Lisbon
Book | (2209) One Heaven and Two Ways - José Saramago and José-Augusto França. Lisbon
Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
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