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Monthly Management of Emotions
In times of crisis and emotional tension we need monthly support to guide our lives more lucidly, for in these mental states we lose the ability to see the best ways.

The Moon Mission corresponds to our emotional challenges, to the management of the pressures that we will be subjected to in this month, represented by the Return of the Moon to its position at the moment of our birth.

The Moon Mission also indicates to the dimension of personal support and therapy of Philosophical Astrology, which is distinct from psychological therapies and which may be useful as a complement.

The Monthly Consultation

There are phases in life where we need to talk to someone every month, sometimes every week. Each new month is a challenge in which it is important to remain calm and lucid, something that can be difficult under pressure, hence we need someone to serve as a mirror and light. In addition, the monthly consultation of Philosophical Astrology has an important stabilizing effect, it is like health insurance of thoughts and emotions, preventing them from getting out of control.

The Lunar Return Map

The Map of the Moon's Return to the Sign of the Zodiac and the degree to which it was when we were born gives us important insights into the best ways to manage our emotions and the challenges of that month.

The Astral Transits of the Month

In addition to the Lunar Return Map, we have new transits each month, whether of the slow and long-lasting planets or the fast planetary ones that give us new daily challenges that make certain days of despair or success. Knowing the important transits of the month and knowing when they are going to be activated by the transits of the fast planets is very important when our life is in a decisive phase of decisions.

MA in "Cultural Astronomy and Astrology", Bath Spa University, England
Degree in Philosophy from the Portuguese Catholic University
Thesis | (2005) Objections to Astrology - what are the underlying assumptions? Bath
Book | (2008) Astrology & Philosophy - a discourse on time and instincts. Lisbon
Book | (2009) One Sky and Two Paths - José Saramago and José-Augusto França. Lisbon
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