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New Birthday, New Ascendant, New Sun, New Life

With each new journey around the Sun we have a New Mission on Earth.

On each anniversary we can begin our new annual trip around the Sun blindly, without preparing ourselves, without knowing what we are going to do.

"Before acting study what you are going to do."

Each new anniversary should be a moment of reflection and planning of the objectives that we intend to achieve in the new journey around the Sun: it is our Earth Mission.

"Wisdom begins with reflection to guide yourself."

Mission Earth is a structural concept of Philosophical Astrology, which consists in the use of astrological and philosophical wisdom to study the dynamics of our Inner Solar System and dialogue with our destiny to build a richer and more creative I and a Future.

This approach to Philosophical Astrology is different from traditional / divinatory astrology that believes that our destiny is marked and can be predicted. Philosophical Astrology starts from the understanding of our Inner Solar System.

People ask themselves "what the meaning of my life is?"

I think it is an incorrect way of asking about our lives.

Why? Because we are admitting that we are a puppet species of someone's will, that is, we are assuming that we have a determined fate for someone, regardless of our intelligence, our feelings, our actions and of our identity / conscience.

With Philosophical Astrology I propose to propose a Mission Earth, that is to say, in every turn we make around the Sun - of our star of our planetary system - we have a new Ascendant, a new Sun, a new Life for explore. That is our Mission Earth, that is the meaning for our lives during a new earth year.

To judge that we are puppets of the will of another prevents us from using our abilities to free ourselves from the fears to seek for a wisdom of life to build our destiny.

What is my Earth Mission?

Mission Earth is a process of orientation of Philosophical Astrology that aims to give us, year after year, an action plan that gives meaning to our lives, that allows us to build a destiny of which we are proud.

Each of our birthdays represents the beginning of our personal year and a new Earth Mission that is important to clearly understand and embrace with open hearts, living intelligence and strong will. Without this we accumulate defeats, defaults, and our lives pass each year to make less sense.

In each new year we have a new Ascendant and our annual Sun stand in a new area of ​​life to which we must pay special attention. We also have transitional, expansive, regenerative, or revolutionary transits to which we have to account and use constructively. Many of us are not able to do this without outside guidance. We all need a mirror to see our own face. Philosophical Astrology and our annual Earth Mission are two tools that help us guide, plan and build our lives in a smarter, free and creative way.

Most of our frustrations, our fears, our insecurities and failures are due to not knowing what we want, to drifting, not knowing the north, not having a star that enlightens us. This is the function of José Prudêncio's Mission-Land Consultation.

Many people believe that their lives will always be the same, they do not understand that every journey they complete around the Sun opens the possibility of a new life, a new destiny through fulfilling new missions.

Serious Errors and Dramatic Errors

We all have the right to make Serious Errors because we learn from them and because that is the human condition.

Rather, we should avoid making Dramatic Mistakes as much as possible because they will permanently condition our freedom and creativity.

One Serious Mistake is to be careless with your own safety and break a leg. A Dramatic Mistake is putting one's life at risk and losing one's leg. One serious mistake is to get pregnant without wanting and have an abortion. A dramatic mistake is having unprotected sex with someone you do not know well and becoming HIV positive.

The first mistakes are heavy, but they have solutions that can be hard emotionally and physically, allow us to learn to advance in life with more wisdom. The second mistakes leave marks that do not fade and that will always condition our freedom and creativity, that is, the possibility of deciding for ourselves our destiny.

One of the powers of Philosophical Astrology is to help us overcome Serious Mistakes. Another power is to help us see the danger of approaching Dramatic Errors and avoid them, that is, not to begin to enter such paths.

If someone who reads these words thinks he is in the middle of a Serious Mistake, you can have a dialogue with Philosophical Astrology to search for the best solutions, the best ways. Even worse, if you are about to make a Dramatic Error, then I think that an illuminating and guiding conversation is an urgent need.

Philosophical Astrology comes to elevate traditional astrology to greater perfection

When I first started studying adolescent astrology I saw that it had major flaws, mixing valuable knowledge with superstition and belief. I have always tried to improve it. I think I made a major contribution to my MA thesis in England Objections to Astrology - what are the underlying assumptions (2005) and my book Astrology & Philosophy? a discourse on time and instincts (2008) These two works gave rise to Philosophical Astrology (not to be confused with Astrophilosophy, which supposes a later and more demanding philosophical development).

Unlike conventional astrology, Philosophical Astrology has another level of intellectual demand, it dispels magical-metaphysical beliefs and engages in dialogue in a consultation that aims at deep knowledge of the instincts and personal conflicts and the time that one is living. What is the purpose of this? Seek your self-knowledge and your own wisdom of life, promote freedom and creativity, in short, take responsibility for your own destiny with lucidity and greatness.

I think Philosophical Astrology elevates conventional astrology to greater perfection and is a powerful system of guidance, prediction, and personal management.

Masters and Book of Astrology and Philosophy

In 2005, I defended in Bath, England, the master's thesis Objections to Astrology - what are the underlying assumptions.

In 2008, in deepening this thesis, I created the concept and approach of Philosophical Astrology in Astrology & Philosophy - a discourse on time and instincts.

Excerpts from these works can be read on this website:

MA in "Cultural Astronomy and Astrology", Bath Spa University, England
Degree in Philosophy from the Portuguese Catholic University
Thesis | (2005) Objections to Astrology - what are the underlying assumptions? Bath
Book | (2008) Astrology & Philosophy - a discourse on time and instincts. Lisbon
Book | (2209) One Heaven and Two Ways - José Saramago and José-Augusto França. Lisbon
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