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Astro-Philosophical Guidance & Forecasting for Life Management
A simple consultation of 30 minutes can make all the difference, by the power of clarification, guidance, forecasting and intelligent management of life.

José Prudêncio has many years of experience and thousands of consultations. He has a Masters degree in Astrology (Bath/England 2003/05) and holds a degree in Philosophy (1982/87).

The consultations aim at self-knowledge and personal development, to know the kind of time one is living, to deal better with challenges, to prepare for probable events and to have more power over life.

Consultations are used to decide changes in employment, business, analyze relationships, identify compatibilities and conflicts, manage crisis, guide the education of children, discover the best solutions, manage the future with more preparation and lucidity.

The consultations rely on the knowledge of Philosophy and Psychology and include the Reading of the Hands and the use of Tarot, aiming to provide an experience of renewal and personal power.

Readings | (+351) 966 036 719
Types of Consultation
--90 minutes/90€
--Advised for the first time
--60 minutes/70€
--Normal session, monthly or annual follow-up
--120 minutes/120€
--To analyze the family
--120 minutes/140€
--With the presence of two people
--30 minutes/40€
--Quick Answers by Phone/Internet
Payment Methods

Cash | In face-to-face consultations.

MB Way | Telephone (+351) 966 036 719.

Bank Transfer | IBAN PT50003502160004803290028.

PayPal | Payment with Credit Card or Debit Card.

Pay with PayPal

The Consultations are Individual

The consultation of Philosophical Astrology is a personal and potentially transformative experience to which you must come alone. There is no waiting room, the appointments are premarked and take place in private spaces not open to the public.

The presence of third parties affects the focus of the query and prevents confidentiality. If the person wants to share the query by letting their recording be heard, this will be a later decision.

The exception is the Couples Consultation which includes the presence of the two elements.

Doubts About Birth Time

Check the time in the Birth Certificate, from which you can get a photocopy in a Civil Registry Office. You can also call the hospital that should have this information in the records.

Consultation Recording/PenDisk

If you want to take the recording of the query you must bring a PenDisk with 150 MB free, or you can save the query on your mobile phone or receive a PenDisk with the extra cost of 10 euros.

Consultations for Couples

Duration and cost | 120 minutes | 140€ | Recorded to listen again.

The Couples Consultation begins with a 30-minute analysis of the map of each of the elements, for both to hear. Then we have 60 minutes to talk about the couple's relationship dynamics and their compatibility, the phases of life in which each one is, the harmonious factors of the relationship and the areas of conflict and the ways of managing them.

"Are we compatible?" "What are the most difficult areas?" "What are the most problematic personality traits of each?" "Is this relationship going to be positive for my life?"

Directed to the two elements of the couple, this consultation guides the challenge of a serious commitment. They promote wisdom and avoid expectations and mistakes that will cause suffering and disappointment.

"Is this relationship going to be positive for my life?" "Are we compatible?" Directed to the two elements of the couple, this consultation guides the doubts they face before the challenge of a serious commitment. It helps to avoid mistakes and expectations that will produce suffering and disappointment. The goal is to bring awareness and wisdom to this particular relationship.

Telephone or Internet Consultation

The consultation by Telephone/Internet is a good alternative for those who can not go to the offices of Lisbon or Braga, or for those who need guidance an urgent orientation. Whenever possible, I try to give the appointment by Telephone / Internet as soon as the person has confirmed their payment.

Comfort and Privacy

The Telephone / Internet consultation allows you to obtain valuable information quickly and with total privacy and convenience. The consultation is based on strict astral calculations, the presence of the person is not necessary. These consultations have the advantage of being accessible without leaving home. The necessary data are the Date, the Exact Time and the City of Birth.

In this consultation the same points of the face-to-face consultation are dealt with:

Analysis of personality, abilities and what can be improved. Guidance for concrete subjects such as: profession and business, relationships and compatibilities, important decisions, general orientation for life. Detailed forecast for the next 12 months and overview of trends for the coming years. Answer to specific questions. Recording of the query, sent by E-mail (WeTransfer).

How to Obtain the Telephone/Internet Consultation

Call (+351) 966 036 719 to set the date and time of the appointment.

Pay the consultation by MB Way, Bank Transfer or PayPal.

Call on the day and time as agreed.

MA in "Cultural Astronomy and Astrology", Bath Spa University, England
Degree in Philosophy from the Portuguese Catholic University
Thesis | (2005) Objections to Astrology - what are the underlying assumptions? Bath
Book | (2008) Astrology & Philosophy - a discourse on time and instincts. Lisbon
Book | (2209) One Heaven and Two Ways - José Saramago and José-Augusto França. Lisbon
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